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Vital Talk COVID Ready Communication Playbook

Posted 3 months ago

We wanted to share the Vital Talk  COVID Ready Communication Playbook with our Boston Area Chapter of the HPNA members and followers.

Please take advantage of this incredible communication resource. 


The Board of the Boston Area Chapter of the HPNA 


To health care professionals everywhere: these are unprecedented times. There’s no roadmap. We’re facing conversations that we never expected—or wanted—to have.

Why did we create this guide?

VitalTalk is based in Seattle and here, it’s real. We’ve had patients die, and not all were elderly. Our colleagues are sick too. All over the country, we are all getting calls and concerns about how to handle the possible surge. We’re realizing that our professional duty might pose a risk to the people at home that we love. Worse, what we’re seeing now might be the trickle that becomes a tsunami. Like what’s happening in Italy. Hard to ignore. Not something you can leave at work.

But there is another side to this too. Our colleagues are pitching in. People are stepping up to support each other in unexpected, beautiful ways. Together we can be bigger. And we can make it through this with our empathy, compassion, and sense of service intact.

What is in this guide?

We’ve crowdsourced this playbook to provide some practical advice on how to talk about some difficult topics related to COVID-19. Building on our experience studying and teaching communication for two decades, we’ve drawn on our networks to crowdsource the challenges and match them with advice from some of the best clinicians we know. If you know our work, you’ll recognize some familiar themes and also find new material.

How can I share this guide?

We’re offering this playbook freely. Email it, link it, spread it around. What we do ask when you share or adapt to this guide is to:

  • include our VitalTalk logo
  • attribute us with “Adapted from VitalTalk” (if you adapt this guide)
  • let people know they can find the most up to date version here on our website.

Help us improve it– tell us what we missed, what didn’t work, where you got stuck by using the Comments and Feedback link at the top of this page. The next iteration could be better because of you